2017 Applications Coming Soon! Please check back February 20, 2017.

Click the Counselor Application button below to register for 2017 camping sessions.

2017 Counselor Session dates:

July 14th – July 18th (Fri. - Tue.)    
July 18th – July 22nd (Tue. - Sat.)
July 22nd – July 26th (Sat. - Wed.)
July 26th – July 30th (Wed. - Sun.)

To submit applications or Camping Session inquiries, contact our Camp Director at campdirector@campdreamga.org or 678-367-0040.

Who may serve as a Counselor?

 Counselors are volunteers who are at least 16 years old.

What do Counselors do?

Counselors are the back bone of each session. They provide one-on-one interactions, coaching, and support to a specific special needs camper. Your service as counselor allows one child, who may otherwise not have other social interaction, to have an experience and establish a friendship they will carry on for their lifetime.


As a counselor, you will be with your assigned camper throughout the duration of the camp.  While most campers are self-reliant, a portion of the campers have significant physical and/or mental needs. Your duties as a counselor include but are not limited to:

· Ensuring or assisting with proper personal hygiene of the camper which includes bathing, toileting, tooth brushing, etc.

·  Ensuring camper participation in all camp activities

·  Ensuring adherence to dietary requirements

· Assisting campers with activities

· Being a coach, cheerleader, and friend

What Now?

 If you are interested in becoming a counselor and changing someone's life, please download the application and mail to our Camp Director at the address listed on the application.  Should you have any further questions, contact our Camp Director at campdirector@campdreamga.org or 678-367-0040.  


Being a counselor helped me grow as a person. It was truly an inspirational time to help these wonderful kids have an amazing summer and to not let their disabilities get in their way. Being able to learn from the campers, seeing what they see, changed my perspective on life. I look forward to being a part of this camp for a very long time. Bryson Higgins
— Counselor