2020 Medical registration is open! You may register by clicking the button below.

Please send your resume and any relevant certifications/ credentials to the Camp Director, and register by clicking the button below. 

2020 Summer Camp - Session Dates:

July 19th – July 23rd (Sunday - Thursday)

July 23rd – July 27th (Thursday - Monday)

Who may serve as a Camp medical staff?

Any medical professional who has the knowledge of caring for children and young adults with special needs is strongly encouraged to volunteer with Camp Dream.  Because Camp Dream accepts all types of disabilities, its Medical Staff should be comfortable with performing tasks ranging from distribution of simple over-the-counter pain medications, to dealing with feeding tubes or seizures.  While the professional aspects of the position are challenging, the personal rewards are absolutely incredible. 

What do Camp Nurses do?

The Medical Staff is one of the key reasons that Camp Dream can support the diversity of conditions that are served.  They provide the medical knowledge necessary to make sure that every child has the opportunity to enjoy camp.  In addition to their medical duties, Medical Staff has the freedom to enjoy spending time with the Campers during their activities.  Every volunteer at Camp Dream is expected and encouraged to be a source of fun, energy and encouragement for the Campers. 


Day-to-day Camper/ Volunteer care is the responsibility of the Medical Staff.  Duties include:

·         Reviewing medical forms for special considerations and concerns prior to Camper arrival

·         Confer with Parents and Counselors about special Camper need’s

·         Collect medications during check-in and setup a schedule for the dispensing of them

·         Dispense all prescription and over-the-counter drugs

·         Prepare and maintain first-aid kits

·         Monitor Campers and Volunteers for signs of heat illness or other medical difficulties

·         Perform minor first-aid as needed

·         Promote the use of sunscreen to all Campers and Volunteers

·         Promote proper hydration

·         Provide help with the personal hygiene needs of Campers as needed


This position is not paid; at least not in the traditional sense.  You won’t make a dime, but you will be richer than Midas in love received and joy taken!  All expenses for food, lodging and medical supplies are provided by the Camp Dream Foundation. 

What Now?

If you are interested in joining the Camp Dream Volunteer Medical Staff, please register above and send your resume, certifications and credentials to the Camp Director.